Playoffs will be a round robin format. Top three teams from the regular season will have a bye during the round robin and receive an automatic 5-0 win for standings. We will have a 5 goal cap in playoffs for goals against and goals for. After 3 weeks of "Final Round" Play Standings will deterimine final placing. 
Tie breakers in final standings will be determined by:

  1. Head to Head

  2. Goals against
  3. Goal differential
  4. Goals for

Finals Schedule Sept 30, 2018:

  • B Championship Milroy 1 2:00 pm  Pink vs Grey
  • A Championship Milroy 1 3: 30 pm Purple vs Red
  • Milroy 2 3:30 Pm Green vs Blue 
  • Milroy 1 5:00 pm Light Blue vs Orange
  • Milroy 2 5:00 Pm Yellow vs Maroon
  • 11 vs BYE

Playoff Schedule: